2024 Rules

- Please read all the rules before completing registration -

The field of play must be rectangular with the following dimensions:

Maximum length shall be 50 metres with minimum length 30 metres. The maximum width shall be 35 metres with minimum width 20 metres. The recommended field shall be 40 metres x 25 metres.

The centre circle shall have a radius of 5 metres.

The penalty area shall have a width of 15 metres and a length of 10 metres.

The penalty spot shall be 8 metres from goal line.

The goals shall measure 6 feet high by 16 feet wide (4.87m X 1.82m).

A size five weighted football (370gms) must be used for all competitions.

Eight players per squad. No players, other than those eight, shall be togged out on the side line.

Only five players, including a goalkeeper, may be on the field of play at any time.

Teams are allowed unlimited substitutions during the game on a roll on/roll off basis. The referee must be alerted of any changes.

In the case of a goalkeeper substitution, he/she must wear a different colour jersey to the outfield players at all times.

Each game shall consist of a maximum of 20 minutes. Half time break, if required, shall not exceed five minutes.

Total playing time per team per blitz shall not exceed 80 minutes during the course of the day.

There shall be no offside in any of the games.

If a player receives a red card or two consecutive yellow cards in a game;

that player shall be suspended for the next match on the day or the first match of the next day’s competition.

Violent conduct, abuse of referee, opposing players, teacher or foul and abusive language shall be suspended for the next day’s competition.

Such a ban can be extended at the discretion of the local co-ordinator depending on the referee’s report.

The opposition shall be at least 5 metres from the ball at the time of the free kick.

Penalties shall be taken from a spot 8 metres from the goal line.

When the ball goes over the sideline (or touches the wall where the pitch has a surrounding wall) the game will restart with a throw-in.

The goalkeeper will throw out the ball at all times.

There will be no restrictions on any player or the goalkeeper entering or leaving the penalty area.

When the ball goes out wide over the end lines, the goalkeeper must throw the ball back into play.

When the goalkeeper catches the ball, he/she must throw it back into play.

The goalkeeper is not permitted to pick.

Players cannot score directly from tip off.

All players, including substitutes, must wear shin guards.

A player will not be allowed to participate if he/she is not wearing a complete and safe set of shin guards.

For health and safety purposes, players are not permitted to wear glasses.

Please note only sports goggles are permitted.